The three major jobs our skelton does are:
Protects our vital organs.

Lets us move because our bones are attached to our muscles.

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Without bones we would be blobs of blood and muscle.

A baby has 350 bones.

An adult has 206 bones.

A baby has more bones than a adult because when you grow your bones

Our body takes in oxygen when we breath.

There are small air balloons in our lungs called alveolies.

Blood cells turn red when they pick up oxygen from the alveolies.

The diaphram is the muscle that controls the breathing process.

The heart is behind the ribcage between the lungs.

Blood leaving the heart travels in arteries and blood coming to the heart
travels in veins.

5 million blood cells in one drop of blood.

Blood cells live 4 months.

Our digestive system is 9 meters long.

Our body produces 1.7 litres of saliva each day.