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Smart Toybox was founded in 2015. by a team of engineers who have strong, long-lasting, bussiness and private relationships for years, with joint involvement in many successful projects. We are called "Smart" not only because we strive to be smart and build engineering team based on innovation and creativity, but also because most of the IoT systems are called “smart” — smart homes, smart cities, smart health etc.

We are called "Toybox" not only beacuse we like playing but also because our mission is to enrich people's lives by making boring procedures and learning - FUN. Our vision is to launch whole ecosystem of products on several markets based on our platform.

Smart Toybox won several awards for innovation:

  • Finalist of "The Best Innovation of Serbia 2016." supported by Serbian Government, University and Serbian Chamber of commerce.
  • We've successfuly participated in Climate-KIC program of European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT).
  • 2nd place on JIC Starcube show organized by South-moravian Innovation Center, Brno, Czech Republic.

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Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet of Things

A term Internet of Things represents an ecosystem that consist of:

  • Internet connected device that reads input from various sensors: custom designed hardware device with embedded software or some commonly available device eg. mobile phone,
  • cloud based backend that collects, stores and process data,
  • big data collected from many sensors which allows machine based learning,
  • front end allowing system control, data and system operation overview in both mobile and web app form,
  • actuator, which can be either a device or a clear human readable task information sent directly to the mobile phone.
IoT systems enables automatic control, increased productivity, unwanted events management and cost cutting.



Gamification is the application of game-design elements and game principles in common life tasks. It can improve learning, engagement, productivity and user experience, especially in actions that most humans find boring or repetative.

We offer you design and development of game alike mobile applications and games that will be fun for your users to play with.

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Nebojsa Sumrak

Nebojša Sumrak

Creative innovator, with more than 20 years of experience, Nebojša worked in several multinational companies on engineering from wireless chipsets, over embedded devices, server side software up to desktop and mobile solutions. Architectured several innovative products and led engineering to successful launches.

Jelena Petra Markovic

Jelena Petra Marković

Through 10 years of experience Petra has built strong team ties with Nebojša as they worked together on many projects through several multinational companies. Expert engineer with diverse professional experience - from hi-tech software solutions for ARM platforms to consumer and enterprise desktop and mobile applications.

Vladimir Peric

Vladimir Perić

Vladimir has academic background in Structural Engineering, and his first project was software application for quantity surveying. He spent last 12 years in software development - from client-server business systems to software for different engineering fields.

Dragana Sumrak

Dragana Sumrak

A medical doctor, specialist for physical medicine and rehabilitation. Committed to bringing Smart Toybox into the health world, and bring easier life to both patients and doctors. Previously worked in University and The Institute for Orthopedic Surgery "Banjica".

Our Values


Innovation & Creativity

Engineering Excellence

Engineering Excellence

Human Orienatation

Human Orientation






Smart Toybox

Currently we are working on a product that can showcase our technology and believes. It took a form of highly educational connected tech toy that is not only useful and smart but also fun.

New project

Visiofarm Smart Cattle

Dairy cows are prone to different kinds of illnesses that hurts cow and lowers milk production. We designed device that tracks cow movement and detects change in behavior which greatly increases farmer’s awareness and percentage of detected and cured illnesses in its early stages.

Currently we are conducting proof of concept experiment in coordination with Veterinary Institute. It is assumed that device could decrease milk production cost in amount of 50c/100 liters of milk.

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Wifi cow


Bees are essential part of the ecosystem. They pollinate our crops and fruits and produce delicious sweet honey. But, due to human influence, bee population is decreasing. We created prototype of bee monitor which listens to bees, track environment in hives and constantly measures honey production. Device constantly sends data to the cloud where servers can detect important events in hive such as missing or dead queen, preparation for swarming and new born queens. It is also able to predict quality and quantity of honey produced increasing bee-keepers income and decreasing losses. Using these devices on wider areas it could be possible to detect ecological hazards and save lives of both bees and humans.

Other Projects

Projects we did as part of corporate teams while working in other companies.

Career in Smart Toybox

At Smart Toybox we consider ourselves smart, creative engineers oriented toward clients with innovation and engineering excellence. We love who we are and love what we do.

We are not oriented to procedures and processes but to being human and logical. This includes both clients, where we always strive to explain (being smart, not smart ass) and give simple solutions, and fellow engineers, where we do not impose rules which, we believe, lowers creativity.

We do not impose coding standards. We also don’t have obligatory code review. In turn, we communicate a lot, we encourage engineers to have “big picture” about product they work on and to omit ownership of code. But after few weeks working with us, just by looking at code, you can recognize who wrote it.

We cherish human diversity — cultural, racial, gender, mental and other. Our team is encouraged to step out with a different approach and to question every decision or process. But we are an equal opportunity employer and, just for being different, you should not expect any advantages, because we all are.

We all make mistakes and we all share both responsibility and rewards. We do not hide information or cc everyone in our emails. We prefer to communicate live and to share good ideas with everyone as we believe that communication evolves ideas to life.

At Smart Toybox we value personal life and we know importance of good work-life balance. That is why we are very flexible, except when it comes to vacation: during this time your email and server access will be blocked — you should rest! :)

If you find yourself in these lines please send your romanced biography and motivation letter (or all-in-one) in non-standard textual form along with your social contacts and we’ll be more than happy to meet with you.

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