Make your own Smart Toybox!
Your kids will enjoy cleaning-up toys!

We published our prototype in open source along with detailed instructions how to make your own Smart Toybox using widely available parts.

Our goal is: have fun!

Learning is easy when it is fun! Your kids can play fun game of cleaning-up the toys and gain valuable healthy habits.

It is you who know the best what kind of toy box is right for your kids. And you can have fun making it! Build your own Smart Toybox!


Want to Contribute?

Vote for us.
Post the image of Smart Toybox you made!
Improve our source code on GitHub!

We'll be delighted!

...and, share our story!

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How to make a desktop Toybox

Check this video to make little desktop box from Smart Toybox flyer. If you are able to do it, why don't you make real Smart Toybox?