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Meet Smart Toybox

Ivana and Ivan, parents, saying about us...

"After the playtime it always falls onto me to clean-up the toys and I tried and tried to persuade Nadja to do it on her own but nothing worked."
"Seeing her today engaged in cleaning-up her toys... I'm still in shock!"

Turn cleaning up toys
into a FUN game!

When we are bored time passes slowly and our mind associates tedious action with negative feelings. Even if this unpleasant act is good for us, we will try to avoid it in future. But when we play games and have fun time passes quickly, keeping us positive and excited about repeating the action. Parents understand how cleaning up toys can be boring for kids, but they also take responsibility to teach them tidiness. That's why we've invented SMART TOYBOX that makes cleaning the room fun.


Main Functions

  • Smart Toybox knows how much toys it currently holds.
  • Knows its orientation, and detects when orientation has changed.
  • Talks to other Smart Toyboxes and mobile devices.
  • Has a robotic personality that:
  • Tries to create a generally positive attitude about tidiness.

Use mobile device
to customize experience.

Smart toy box is WiFi capable and it can instantly connect to your home network and mobile device. Once connected you can use Smart Toybox mobile app to customize device's behavior and keep it fresh and exciting for a long time.

  • Remotely control the toy box and change its settings.
  • Change or create new sound themes.
  • Record new sounds with super fun voice changing capabilities and send it to the toy box.
  • Download sounds that other kids around the world already enjoyed, prioritizing your neighborhood.
  • Application can automatically create new theme each day making selection only among sounds you've previously approved.
Smart Device
Android iOS

Protection Smart Toybox is secure!

We designed Smart Toybox for children so we seriously worked on features that would prevent abuse of the device. The worst threat we've identified is the ability to hack WiFi network in order to upload inappropriate sounds that would be played by the device during the game. We have defined several layers of protection so that you can have full control of device's security depending on your own preferences.

Smart Security
  • The first layer of protection is made from modern WiFi security features that protect your home or business networks. We support all modern WiFi authentication and encryption methods currently available. Smart toy box is just another device in you home network that can't be hacked without breaking into your home network first.

  • If you are not confident about your home network security, toy box can also work in Access Point mode, thus creating it's own network. You can even control physical range of that network, so potential hacker would have to be physically close to the toy to try to break its wireless security.

  • Authentication — the device trying to access the toy has to be pre-authenticated using methods that guarantee uniqueness. Today a similar method is used by mobile operators when your mobile phone authenticates itself to the network as the owner of the number assigned to you.

  • Offline mode — we've designed toy box not to be connected until you explicitly request it by physically pressing the button when you want to change settings, change theme or play the game. This means that no one without physical access to the toy can try to hack the device and submit inappropriate sounds.

Educational Games for Psycho-motor development

While teaching your children room cleanup and tidiness, Smart Toybox can at the same time play other educational games. Learning left from right can be quite a confusing concept, and throwing the ball requires complex psycho-motor skills. These activities require repetition and Smart Toybox is a patient teacher.

Left and Right

Knowing left from right is a concept which can be taught and understood during the preschool years and yet it is something people often struggle with even in the adulthood. A game with two Smart Toyboxes positioned left and right that calls kids to their respective sides by saying words "left" and "right" out-loud can also help with teaching the concept by linking child's own body to the toy box personas, image on the box and by listening to the words "left" and "right". The movement involved helps your child's muscle memory development.

Left and Right

Throwing the Ball

Although throwing a ball is one of kids favorite games which may seem simple to adults, it is a complex task that requires both motor skills and cognitive development:

  • Motor fundamentals such as eye-hand coordination by taking aim at a target.
  • Dexterity for picking up the ball and releasing it.
  • Mental control to throw the ball in a steady manner instead of wildly flinging it astray.
But, throwing a ball at home may be dangerous to fragile things all around. We designed Smart Toybox to detect light plastic and soft sponge balls so your child can enjoy the challenge of throwing the ball into a toy box and develop important psycho-motor skills safely. With two Smart Toyboxes the whole family can have fun together, as games can be set as cooperative or competitive.

Smart Toy Box

... And More!

Smart Toyboxes can be interconnected and play the cleaning game together, creating pleasant audio from one "personality" instead of cacophony of individual boxes. Multiple toy boxes can play additional educational and competitive games for both single and multiple children.


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